About Us

The Event Film captures the emotion, sights, and sounds of your event. We create short videos that make people say "I want to be there!” and "How can I be a part of this?”

Your marketing objectives are met in a cinematic video that tells your story – with feeling.

Cathy Lumb, Client Services, Marketing Director

 The Event Film Bio Photo Cathy


Cathy has orchestrated many successful events and publicity campaigns in the tourism and news industries, and for the social profit sector. She owns Cali Marketing Communications and enjoys helping clients realize their goals with targeted marketing plans. While teaching event marketing at Conestoga College she saw the potential of professionally-produced videos as part of a social media campaign.

Mark Drewe, Film Producer

Mark Drewe

Mark Drewe has spent nearly his entire life with a camera in his hand; filming whatever he could from a young age. In 2010 - at the age of 24 - he founded his own company, Mosaic Mind Pictures, which provides both corporate and creative film and video solutions of all varieties for his clients. Driven by a compulsion to tell compelling stories, he brings that passion and a professional, unique vision to each project, working closely with his partners to ensure maximum effect for each video campaign he is involved in. Always looking to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with a camera, he and his company completed over 200 projects in the first three years of existence, and as each year has passed since he looks to create something better and more powerful each time. His stated goal is simple – to set new standards and achieve more with each project in the always-evolving creative and corporate industry.